We Review the Best Marijuana Grinders on the Market

Why You Need a Quality Weed Grinder

As marijuana becomes legal for medicinal and recreational purposes around the United States it is becoming increasingly important to find the best weed grinder for your smoking needs.  The truth about herb grinders is that they are not all created equal and you have to be careful to ensure you get the best grinder that will last and is safe to use.  Cheap grinders that are made out of acrylic are generally not a good choice because they fall apart and you risk the pieces falling into your herb.  Many of the best marijuana grinders are made from zinc alloy or lighter weight aluminum.

#2 - Space Case Grinder
2.2 Inch Diameter
Made in the USA
Aluminum Crafted Body
4 Piece/3 Chamber
Pic with Space Case Logo
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#1 - Black Tie Grinder
2.5 Inch Diameter
Aircraft Grade Aluminum
50 Super Sharp Teeth for Precision Grinding
Custom Packaging
Single Aluminum Piece Design
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#3 - Phoenician Grinder
2.5 Inch Diameter Grinder
Patented Locking Technology
Medical Grade
Made in the USA
Paper Holder on Lid
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Our Picks for Best Marijuana Grinder

#1 – Black Tie Grinder 4 Piece Aluminum Herb Grinder

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The best weed grinder from our testing is the Black Tie Grinder.  It is the complete grinding package and has many features that set it apart from the competition.  It measures 2.5″ in diameter making it a medium to large sized weed grinder.  This grinder cuts through herb smoothly and the finished product is a beautiful fluffy and evenly filtered herb ready for your vape.  We also found the grip on the Black Tie Grinder to be top notch and the best out of all the weed grinders we tested. To make this herb grinder more mobile you can always take out the filter screen to make it a three weed grinder that is ready to travel with you.

Black Tie Presents Pink Bow Grinders

Now Black Tie Grinders has expanded and has a new line of grinders called Pink Bow Grinders.  This new grinder has the same great quality that has made Black Tie popular, but is now in a beautiful pink color scheme and logo.  It is nice to see a grinder company take the time to put a product out there that women can enjoy and call their own.


# 2 – Space Case Medium Sized 4 Piece Herb Grinder

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Space Case may be the most well known weed grinder brand in the country.  Their products have great quality and are proudly produced in the USA.  With this quality also comes a premium price that may be steep for some.  This grinder in particular is made of aluminum and has a anodized titanium coating that is extremely durable.  The Space Case brand has been around for many years and is known for making some of the best grinders on the planet.  Between this brand reputation and our testing you can be rest assured that this grinder will get the job done for you time and time again.



#3 – Phoenician Herb Grinder

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Our third pick for best grinder is the Phoenician Grinder.  This product is made in the USA and has a medical grade certification. It also includes the patent pending Fast Lock system that does not have any threads.

Given these features it comes as no surprise that this is one of the most expensive grinders on the market.  The reason it is not our number one choice is because of the price and the fact that other cheaper grinders do just as good of a job as the Phoenician at what it is designed to do, grind.

However, if you have the budget and want some of the premium features that come with it, the Phoenician Herb Grinder is a great piece.

Why You Need a Marijuana Grinder

Marijuana Grinder Notice: Recreational weed and medical marijuana are now legal. You can now buy a grinder for use with your herbs, check your local laws, buy a good grinder today. The following information and weed grinder reviews will assist you in your next purchase online. Why purchase a marijuana grinder? A marijuana grinder can chop your herb into the proper sizes for best use in herb

vaporizers, rolled paper joints/blunts and marijuana pipes of all shapes, sizes and materials. Certain sizes of grinders will do the right job for your specific lifestyle and toking scene. A marijuana grinder usually is made of metal, plastic or wood. There are a few desired metals to look for namely anodized metal making it super hard and long lasting. Grinders are mechanical or electric to suit your physical capabilities. Save the sticky fingers and smelly hands you get from conventional methods of chopping marijuana. No more gummed up scissors. A weed grinder can travel incognito. The cost of a marijuana grinder is inexpensive, everyone can own one.

Marijuana Grinders Versus Scissors

A marijuana grinder performs well above a pair of scissors for cutting dry herb. A weed grinder performs faster, fluffs up your herb giving you a proper sized mulch for any vaporizer, pipe or joint. A pair of scissors can cut your herb too fine or bunch it up into small hard balls because you cut over and over in your fingers, this leads to sucking up nerds of weed. A grinder will allow dust and small particles to fall into a special chamber for collection into keif or hash. You’re left with a nice cut on your herb. Scissors need cleaning, adjusting and are hard to fit into your hands. You can find a grinder that’ll fit your hand and feel great. Grinders are easy to operate with great turning action is incorporated into new designs.

Metal Vs. Wood Vs. Plastic Grinders

Choosing to buy an herb grinder is the first step in taking your smoking game to the next level, but there are many grinders to choose from.  How do you know which type of to pick?  First, realize that plastic or acrylic herb grinders are generally junk and should be avoided.  They are cheap for a reason.  The teeth on acrylic grinders can break and find their way into your herb.

Wooden herb grinders are a step up from plastics, but also have their issues.  The two main problems with wooden herb grinders are that their teeth are not sharp, and they do not have a screen filter for kief.  With dull teeth your herb will not grind as well and the texture will not be up to par.  Without the kief catcher you are missing out on the best reason to buy an herb grinder in the first place!

Metal grinders generally have four pieces, a kief catcher, and a magnetic lid

At the end of the day your best bet is to always buy a metal herb grinder made of either aluminum or zinc alloy.  These grinders can easily be found with a four piece design that includes a kief catcher and a scrapper.  The teeth on metal herb grinders are sharp and durable.  Almost all metal grinders also have a magnetic top that keeps the lid on during the grinding process.  While there have been rumors online about possible shavings from metal grinders finding their way into your herb, this is not true and simply a marketing ploy of an inferior grinder producer.

Marijuana Grinders

A specific marijuana grinder will produce an unique grind. The amount of herb you place into your grinder also determines your mulch quality. Leaving room for the weed to expand when ground is recommended for 100% effectiveness. How dry your herb is lends to how much kief may fall through. Units are inexpensive so you are able to check out a few grinders to see which one works best for your lifestyle.


Weed Grinder Teeth

Manufacturers are patenting computer designed styled cutting blades for today’s high tech grinders. Most acrylic blades are triangle teeth, and susceptible to breaking. Wooden marijuana grinders usually have nail type blades that are dull. Metal blades have the most diversity. Aluminum cutting blades are arguably the strongest and last the longest. Metal herb grinder teeth are most often diamond shaped and very sharp.  Metal blades allow the option of many designs like concave or convex edges for efficient mulching of your weed. Visit the complete page of Weed Grinder Blades.

Weed Grinder Designs

Engineers are designing marijuana grinders that have many features and perform a very long time. Features like storage chambers. When you’re done grinding your weed the grinder has a compartment to store the mulch for later usage. Another great feature is a built in screen to allow THC dust or keif to escape and collect in a special chamber. Other designs incorporate holes allowing the mulch to fall into a collection chamber therefore you don’t have to pick at the blades to get your weed out of the grinder. For more features please surf all the Types of Bud Grinders.

Weed Grinder Prices

The Price of Herb Grinders Varies Greatly

Prices for herb grinders can vary greatly depending on the grinder’s materials and design.  At the upper end you can find marijuana grinders that cost close to $100 like the Cali Crusher Homegrown Series!  On the flip side you can easily find acrylic grinders and even generic metal grinders that cost less than $10.  What price you pay for your marijuana grinder will depend on the features you require for your grinder and your budget.  We generally recommend you purchase a grinder in the middle road from a price perspective as we have not found a significant difference between a grinder that costs $30 to one that costs +$70.

Featured Herb Grinder

We try to display a new review of the latest greatest weed grinders on the market. Come on in and enjoy the different grinding designs. Visit marijuanagrinder.com often for new updates and information on brand new marijuana grinder technology. It’s fun seeing all the new marijuana grinder designs of today.  Currently we are featuring the Black Tie 4 Piece Herb Grinder.

btg-complete-and-spreadThe 4 piece Black Tie Grinder features aircraft grade aluminum and a 2.5″ diameter, which sells for about $30.00 making it reasonably priced.  This particular Black Tie Grinder is made of quality aluminum and is manufactured in China. There’s a small cleaning scrapper that fits inside the grinder for easy access. Black Tie is really committed to being a premium brand, and as such have a custom box that really takes the cool factor to another level.

The Black Tie Grinder features custom packaging that takes the premium quality of this grinder to another level.

This grinder stands over 2″ tall which is a great size to fit in any hand, male or female. The top of the grinder is magnetic. The magnetic force is quite strong making it unlikely to come apart during the grinding process. We also found no problem filling it with a lot dry herb, as the grinder was able to create a beautiful evenly grinded product. We attribute this great grinding precision of the Black Tie to the 50 aluminum teeth that line the top and bottom of the grinding chamber.  Even though the magnetic force is strong and holds the grinder together quite well when full, the grinding action on the Black Tie Grinder is wonderfully smooth and easy.  We particularly love the pollen catching 4th piece of the grinder which sits just below the catching chamber. The screen allows about a 90u. micron allowance. After grinding our dry herb the grinder cleans very easily with a soft brush, ready to grind again.

The teeth of the Black Tie Grinder are designed smaller than many other grinders helping to provide a finer grind. There is also a larger number of holes for the filtered herb to fall through compared to other grinders so that your herb will not get stuck in the grinding chamber.  The bottom portion is where people usually place their dry herb to begin the grinding process. The Black Tie teeth design allows the dry herb to initially stay in place while you put the top back on.

Placing the top on you will feel how easily this design allows the 2 pieces to easily fit together with dry herb installed.  The cutting action truly feels like a knife through butter.  Once you feel like you’ve got the herb ground up to your liking just give the herb grinder a little shake to make sure all the herb falls through.

The ending grind you receive is perfectly sized for joints and vaporizers. The steel mesh screen allows for the finest herb to fall through producing some of the highest quality kief that we’ve seen a grinder product.  There is little wonder that this grinder has been winning the praise of herb lovers around the USA and has an almost unheard of 4.9 rating on Amazon.

Our Commitment

Here at marijuanagrinder.com we are committed to finding and reviewing the best marijuana grinders that money can buy.  We work to be and unbiased source of information on the newest weed grinder technology and products.  We welcome your feedback and if you have a herb grinder or other related product you would like for use to review please contact us.

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