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Bud Grinder “NOTICE” any grinder products are now legal to sell for use with
recreational and medical marijuana. If you’re looking to buy a personal
grinder try

Vapor Nation for all your weed supplies. This page will show you
the types of bud grinders on the market for sale today. Please enjoy the best of the
best bud grinders. Come back often as this page will grow with new types of

Types of Metal Bud Grinders

Titanium Metal Grinders

The following photograph is a huge Space Case marijuana grinder made of titanium.
Titanium is so strong the teeth will stay sharp for you. Titanium is light
so the big grinder does not weigh much, anyone can use it. The
Space Case Grinder sports a wonderful size holding chamber for later
storage. The grinder in the following photograph is sitting on a regular
size IPad computer to show you an idea of the real size of this huge unit. Party time with this grinder.

Aluminum Metal Grinders

This is a close up photograph of the
aluminum Mega Leaf bud grinder with it’s signature rubber seal allowing for free flow
grinding. This photograph was meant to show you how good the
bud grinder will mulch your smoke. Notice it even gets the little calyxes
ground down into little pieces. This is just perfect for rolling joints in
marijuana rolling papers.
Notice any stalk has been ground down quite well, can’t even see any. This
bud grinder is a must for true smokers.

This next photograph is the Zeus Swing Arm Grinder made of aircraft quality
anodized aluminum. It’s showing the great chop
you get. Our favorite feature is the swing arm action allowing for free flow
grinding. This metal grinder produces a great chop for herb vaporizers if you are
in the market to buy vaporizers. We particularly enjoy the kiff collection
area below the screen.

Please enjoy the look of the shiny Aluminum 2″ Grinder. The action is
smooth. The design allows crystal to be caught for later consumption. The
leaf design comes in many different selections for your own particular

Types of Plastic or Acrylic Bud Grinders

Acrylic Grinders

The following bud grinder is made of space age super hard acrylic material.
This grinder is very hard, the teeth did not break after one month of
everyday use. The secret compartment holds a good size bud and/or a good
amount of already ground bud. This grinder uses a magnet to keep it together
while the grinding is taking place. It is very easy to get apart but will
hold strong for the grind.

Composite Plastic Grinders

The Med+ainer is made of a very strong composite plastic material. The
blades are a triangle engineered pattern which grinds your weed efficiently.
We love the advertising motto of grind, pour and store.


Marijuana Grinder Photographs

Click your favorite picture for an enlargement and details. No more
sticky fingers and gummed up scissors. Absolutely the best product!

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