Marijuana Grinder

Marijuana Grinds

This page will illustrate marijuana grinds produced by the various marijuana grinders. There are numerous teeth designs and materials being used by manufacturers. It’s nice to see the cool grinds ready for consumption.

This photograph is the grind produced by the Space Case Titanium Large Grinder. The teeth are so sharp, the chambers are so big, the grind is consistent every time. Love those sharp teeth.

The following photograph is a fresh marijuana grind of Kush weed inside a Zeus anodized aluminum grinder. Aircraft quality metal with fine machining on the blades. You can see the contour of the cut of the blade. An excellent way to grind marijuana.

Below is a photograph of herb ground up in the Mega Leaf grinder. It is sometimes best to remove any unwanted stalk or leaf. You can grind it all but some people like to remove the shrapnel for a better taste
and burn. We like to remove the bigger leaves and all the stalk so we can make honey oil aka hash oil from those parts. Made in 2003 it is still one of the best marijuana grinder online you can buy today. The grinder did a wonderful job on the grind.

The next 2 photographs are of the grind a heavy duty Acrylic shark tooth marijuana grinder
will produce. The cutting blades are pyramid or shark teeth in shape, very
different from metal grinder blades. The design ensures strength of grind.

The following photograph is a close up of the Mini Metal Herb Grinder. It holds
a small bud just right for a joint, pipe or vaporizer. A very simple design
gives you a fabulous grind.

The next 2 marijuana grinder photographs are of the High Times favorite grinder
called the Med+ainer, where you can grind and store your weed in an air
tight, water tight container.

Next is a photograph of a 3 piece Aluminum Grinder with a unique tooth
design we found to mulch exceptionally well. Fast action and a great size
cut for vaporizers, pipes and rolling papers.

The next photograph is of the Original Quick
Grinder. It grinds quite nicely for having posts as teeth. The size of the
grind is consistent. Makes for great joint or vaporizer dry herb grinds.

Marijuana Grinder Photographs

Click your favorite picture for an enlargement and details. No more
sticky fingers and gummed up scissors. Absolutely the best product!
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