Phoenician Herb Grinder Review

By | October 11, 2016

Grind Quality: (4.5 / 5)
Materials:         (5 / 5)
Design:               (5 / 5)
Price:                   (2.5 / 5)



Welcome to the premium herb grinder market.  For those of you ready to drop some serious dollar bills on a grinder you have several really high quality grinders to choose from.  Brands like Space Case, Cali Crusher Home Grown, Santa Cruz Shredder come to mind when thinking of high priced premium quality grinders.

A relatively new comer to this premium scene is the Phoenician Herb Grinder brand.  If you are thinking of any of the above mentioned brands then we suggest you take a serious look at Phoenician Grinders as they offer some special features you won’t find on the other brands.

Let’s start by discussing a bit about the Phoenician brand.  The freaking website for Phoenician Grinders is, which should tell you what their goal is.  And that goal is to create a superior grinder through engineering and creative features that can’t be found on other herb grinders.

They also offer many different color schemes and and sizes with their grinders, not to mention their “Elite” series of grinders that are made from gold, cooper, or silver.  These bad boys range in price from $500 to $1500!  When a grinder cost you more than a g-bar then you know how serious Phoenician is about grinders.

Grind Quality

Here’s where we feel that Phoenician Grinder has a hard time justifying its price.  While these grinders are certainly high quality and have unique features, their grinder quality is no better than other good aluminum grinders.

This is a significant problem for Phoenician because the main job of the grinder is to produce a quality grind, and the fact is that this grinder does nothing special in this regard when you consider the price.

Again, nothing inherently wrong with the grind, but nothing that makes it stand out either.


Phoenician uses aerospace quality anodized aluminum on their grinders, which again is pretty standard for higher quality grinders.  The piece of aluminum they use in their grinder is thick and feels very durable.  We can say with confidence that Phoenician grinders last for many years under normal use.

Phoenician does have a lifetime warranty on their grinder so you know that they have confidence that their product will last over time.


Phoenician grinders really stand out when it comes to their design and innovative grinder components and features.

To start the newest version has a slot on the lid to hold your rolling papers, which makes convenient to bring all you need to roll one when you are on the road.

These herb grinders also feature the Fast Lock system that does not have the screw threads found on other aluminum grinders.  This makes “threading” your grinder a thing of the past.

A removable screen system allows you to change out your filter screen when it needs changed.  Certainly this helps the Phoenician Grinder last longer and makes it less likely that you will need to buy a new grinder when the filter screen wears out.

There are also rivets on the outside of the grinder that help with grip.  These fit between your fingers nicely and in combination with the Fast Lock system makes the Phoenician one of the smoothest grinding grinders on the planet.


Wow, these Made in the USA Phoenician Grinders do not come cheap.  A standard four piece, 2.5″ grinder can run you anywhere from $70 to over $100.  Deciding if this grinder is worth the price really comes down to whether the unique design features and medical grade certification justify the price for you.  There really is no wrong answer to this question, but will depend on your budget, priorities, and reasons for buying a grinder in the first place.


The Phoenician Grinder is one of the most unique and innovative grinders on the market today.  With several patent-pending features you know that there was a lot of time, thought, and focus spent on this grinder’s design.  It also has the benefit of being made in the USA and the medical grade certification is a positive for those who have a medical condition and need a condition to treat the condition with cannabis.  The price of this weed grinder is too high for us as we care most about the grind quality and less about the features.  And when it comes to grinding, this grinder does not do anything that other less expensive grinders can’t do.

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