Black Tie Grinder Review – The Grinder With Class

By | January 14, 2016

Grind Quality: (5 / 5)
Materials:         (5 / 5)
Design:               (5 / 5)
Price:                   (4 / 5)

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The herb grinder market is one that is full of many options, and depending on your needs and wants, you can find a great grinder that works best for your lifestyle. Here at, our goal is to inform you of the best herb grinders out there, and to provide solid, detailed reviews so that you can make the best choice for you. Today, we’re going to review the Black Tie Grinder, and find out more about what makes it a great choice for your herb grinding needs. Black Tie Grinders are a premium brand of grinder, offering a top-quality product with strong features and parts making up a durable grinder for regular use. The durability and quality of a Black Tie Grinder allows peace of mind that you can use this product for a long time, all while producing a fine grind. Let’s look into some of the details about Black Tie Grinders, including the grind quality, materials, design and price; you may find that Black Tie offers you the right grinder for your lifestyle.

Grind Quality

Black Tie Grinder Teeth

When we tested the Black Tie Grinder, we found it to produce a good grind; you could fit a nice amount of herb into the grinder, and it filtered down through to produce a fine grind and nice kief.  You’ll find that the grinder turns smoothly and easily, and through our testing we scored it in the above-average range for the finished product. The teeth grind smoothly and accurately, and clean-up was quite easy as most of the product filtered through the grinder into a fine consistency. This is definitely a high quality grinder that produces a high quality grind. We’d rate Black Tie Grinders among the top of the industry for an excellent grind quality.


Black Tie Grinders are made out of top-quality airline grade aluminum, providing you a durable grinder that will last through countless uses; this aluminum material also gives you a light-weight grinder, easy for turning and grinding. Aluminum is a common material for grinders, and its lightweight and strong material gives you a top-quality product. Black Tie Grinders are produced with one seamless piece of aluminum, which gives you a stronger product, more stable and durable that multiple-piece, welded-together models from other grinder manufacturers. The seamless design ensures that the four pieces fit together smoothly for a great grind, and the micron steel mesh filter in the bottom can filter through very fine amounts of keef. The Black Tie Grinder contains 50 razor-sharp, diamond shaped teeth that work together for a sharp grind, and the neodymium magnets that hold the cap on ensure that you won’t have to deal with a spill. We found the Black Tie Grinder to have quite the quantity of great features, and there were little to no complaints on the durability and quality of the products from our reviewers.


If you desire an herb grinder that pays attention to detail like no other, then Black Tie Grinders are a great choice for you. Solid, thoughtful design allows for a good product and a satisfactory grinding experience. Black Tie’s construction gives you good grinds again and again. The grinder has four pieces which screw together well, with a lid, teeth, screen, and pollen catcher in the different pieces. The top lid piece contains quality magnets that hold it on well. The screen and pollen catcher work well together, and we noticed that the design collects more keef that similar grinders.    Black Tie Grinders come in a standard size of 2.5 inches in diameter, plenty of room for putting a nice amount of herb in to be ground. The 50 diamond-shaped teeth in the Black Tie Grinder give a precise and fine cut every time. We also found that the classy minimal design of Black Tie Grinders were a plus, and that the packaging displayed and advertised a high-class, top-quality grinder.


Black Tie Grinders are a moderately priced grinder. You won’t be spending the high-dollar levels of a Space Case, but you won’t be sacrificing quality either. This brand of grinder fits into the perfect range of high quality and good price. Black Tie Grinders are usually sold around the $30 price range on Amazon (See current price), and we found that paying those extra few bucks for a top-quality product is well worth it in this case.


In conclusion, the Black Tie Grinder is the best moderate-range choice. We’re impressed with its amount of diamond-shaped teeth and smooth turning, and we love the solid aluminum construction of just one piece, instead of the two pieces you’ll get with other products. From our testing, the best grinder is the Black Tie Grinder. It is the complete grinding package and has many features that set it apart from the competition. For the best in herb grinders, go with a Black Tie and you won’t be disappointed.

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