Marijuana Grinder Reviews

Marijuana Grinder Reviews will help you decide what weed grinder to purchase
for your 420 lifestyle. A Marijuana grinder can come in many shapes and
sizes made of superior metal, natural hardwood, super hard acrylic, space
age plastic and credit card type materials. A marijuana grinder can be
manual or electric. We’ll
review them all. A good herb grinder can save you money and stretch your
stash. The grinders are used every day for one month and then we write our
marijuana grinder review. Check out the new wicked marijuana grinder hitting
the online market today.

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Aluminum 3 Piece Grinder Review
Space Case Titanium Grinder Review
Med+ainer Marijuana Grinder Review
Zeus Swing Arm Grinder Review
Mega Leaf Mix ‘N Ball Grinder Review
Acrylic Weed Grinder Review
Storz and Bickel Grinder Review
Mini Metal Herb Grinder Review
Original Quick Grinder Review

Aluminum 3 Piece Vaporizer Weed Grinder

Aluminum 3 Piece Weed Grinder
Donation courtesy of

The Aluminum 3 Piece Grinder is superb for the proper sized mulch to use in
most table top vaporizers. Of course it’s equally as great for rolling
joints or in a glass pipe. A grind for vaporizers sets this grinder apart
from others. This 2 inch diameter, 1 1/4 tall, 3 piece design is the right
size for a good amount of mulch per use. The grinder is the right dimensions
for stashing in a pocket or purse. The bottom crystal catcher screws onto
the middle section. The top is held by a magnet. The magnet design produces
a smooth twisting action, you’ll feel right away how easy it is to turn.
Once you place your dry herb into it you’ll feel a little tension when you
start to twist. The tension goes away, you then get back to the original
smooth twisting. The knurl on the edges grab your hand just right for fast
twisting action. This tells you the grind is near completion. Give it a few
more twists and you’ve got the perfect
mini grinder mulch result. The design of the
Aluminum 3 Piece grinder
unique. The blades allow a fast mulch and easy extraction. Not much will
stick to the grinder, unless you have super sticky weed, them some will
stick of course. On the bottom of the mid section is a very cool removable
screen allowing crystal to pass through and be collected in the bottom of
the grinder. Once the grind is complete and removed, cleaning is a breeze.
This metal cleans very fast. The shiny finish is pleasant to the eye.

Space Case Titanium Grinder Review

Space Case Grinder Session
Donation courtesy of Space Grinders

Space Grinders kindly donated a beautiful Space Case Titanium Large Grinder
for our marijuana grinder reviews. Wow this grinder is huge. The first thing
to do is an overall cleaning with 99% Iso-Alcohol to make sure any machining
oils or machining dust is entirely removed. You’ll want to do this with any
grinder you buy. The Space Case fits in any hand despite it’s big size.
Being so big it’s great to place a good amount of herb into it. make sure
you have a storage container or simply stash your herb in the holding
chamber. The Space Case grinder
work fast.

The twisting action is superb, very light to the touch even when the grinder
is full. Any person can use it. You can grind a little or grind a good
portion. The Space Case grind
is so efficient the resulting mulch falls
through the holes into the collection chamber leaving hardly any little
pieces behind. Your herb, even tight buds, will fluff up nicely as one gram
fluffs up into looking like 2 grams saving you money in the end. The way
this grinder works it will leave less cleaning than most. It’s the big size
leading to good results. The Space Case is a durable grinder as we put it
through the grinding ringer for days on end. Works the same way everytime.
Overall assessment: fast performance, good fluffy results, less gum up, less
work, less cleaning, less wiping, a superb grinder for your money, you
receive good value. We would love to see this grinder on every party table
and at every local vapor lounge.

Med+ainer Grinder Review

Photograph of the Me+ainer medical marijuana grinder.
Donation courtesy of Med+ainer

The Med+ainer weed grinder is one of the affordable heavy duty products in
the grinding market. We found the Medtainer will grind your meds into a
great sized mulch for any joint, blunt, weed pipe or herb vaporizer. It
loves dry herb, the teeth do a great job. The resulting
Med+ainer grinds are
some of the best ever. The feel of the grinding action is
very smooth even when a full amount of herb is inserted. The Med+ainer
measures in at 9cm high and 5 cm wide. It’ll fit it your hand very
comfortably. This means you can grind a good amount of weed at any one time,
use some right away, then store the remainder for later sessions. The
container is water tight and air tight as we chucked it into a sink of water
and it sure did live up to it’s advertising. Air tight also means your herb
will store and cure properly.

The Med+ainer grinder teeth blades are a unique triangle design. After a full
14 days of everyday use, grinding at least 5 times a day, the teeth blades
remain the same, very strong. It’s simple to get super clean with a small
brush. This is one of the best composite styles of medical marijuana
grinder. It really does a good job at one of the best prices ever. You can
order special limited edition custom made grinders for any business or
individual preference with your personal graphic designs, just visit

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Zeus Swing Arm Metal Grinder Review

Zeus Swing Arm Grinder - 4 piece
Donation is courtesy of Toronto

Zeus Grinders are high quality precision works of art. Zeus Grinders are
made of strengthened anodized aluminum, the very same used in airplane and
space craft parts. You’ll immediately see the fine diamond machining and
feel the incredible soft feel to the swing arm. We had to get some herb into
it right away. The Zeus Swing Arm Grinder chops your herb into the perfect
size for vaporizers. If you need a vaporizer check out our

Vaporizer User Reviews
. This grinder is on the large side, 6cm. in
diameter, recommended for most users. The Zeus collects a good amount of
herb after a couple grinds of 420 nuggets.

The Zeus Grinder four piece construction is superb engineering. The section is the swing
arm which possesses a wonderful strong smooth action. It comes with 18
blades in an “S” shape with a 4 prong center. The second section is the cutting board consisting
of 23 blades that’ll seriously chop your herb. The
Zeus grinder teeth are
specialized. It also has holes to allow
the Zeus grind result to fall into the piece. The third section is the
collection chamber with a screen which is a fine mesh only letting the most desirable fine particles
of herb through.  You can grind a few buds and store a good amount for
later. The fourth section collects the kiff. You’ll receive
a small scraper to help collect the lovely dust. The Zeus Grinder is
strengthen to the max. We used this grinder everyday for one month and love
the way it works the same every time.

The Zeus Grinder comes in  different sizes. The 5cm. diameter Zues Nano
Grinder is perfect for storing indiscreetly. The Zeus Bolt Grinder is 5.5cm
diameter with 4 piece construction. Then there is the Zeus Swing Arm Grinder
at a whopping 6cm diameter. They are all made of the same superior material.
Buy a Zeus Grinder exclusively from Toronto

Mega Leaf – Mix N Ball – Marijuana Grinder Review

Mega Leaf - Mix N Ball - Marijuana Grinder
Donation courtesy of 420

Welcome and yes, you do see right, the grinding capacity of the Mix n’
Ball mega leaf herb grinder metal edition is unbeatable in its size. Wow,
the world’s best weed grinder and it’s 100% legal to buy online. The high
tech design allows you to grind an incredible amount of ground smoke at once
without loosing any buzz quality. Smoking time is fast and furious. This
herb weed grinder is highly recommended for ease of use, expert design and
superior metal teeth quality. You can stuff this grinder to the hilt and it
does the job every time, the tines don’t break. No little specs of herb get
lost in the sides. Made out of a corrosion free, pure aluminum alloy that
has gone through a special coating process. This legal bud or marijuana
grinder weighs not more than 100 grams. 38 aluminum blades that are roughly
textured, will give you a unique result in a mulch that you have never seen
before. The well approved O-ring locking mechanism closes your grinder
safely. Once past the O-ring and closed, the bud grinder action is very
smooth and really easy to turn. The smart shape of this product gives you an
additional grip that makes this weed grinder even easier and much more
comfortable. The Mega Leaf edition, due to availability in three very
attractive colors and a size of only 76mm diameter, will find a place in
every one’s chill corner. So if you’re looking for one of the best weed
grinders, check out the The Mega Leaf Mix N Ball.

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Acrylic Weed Grinder Review

Acrylic Weed Grinder
Donation courtesy of
Vapor Store

This Acrylic weed grinder has noticeable pyramid or shark shaped cutting
blades for super strength. The
Acrylic grinder teeth are
super durable. There is a very cool storage compartment on both
sides of the grinder. There is a magnet in the middle, helping the cutting
action be smooth and effortless. It also helps keep the grinder together
when not in use. We put this grinder through a one month torture test and it
survived with flying specs. A versatile grind good for all types of
combustion and vaporization. Very inexpensive model of a marijuana grinder.

Storz and Bickel Free Volcano Grinder Review

The free grinder you get when you buy the Storz and Bickel Digital Vaporizer.
Donation courtesy of


This is the free grinder you receive when you buy the Storz and Bickel
Digital Vaporizer. The grinder is made of heavy duty acrylic. We tried to
put too much weed in it, the grinder was tough but eventually did the job.
After one solid week of everyday use, this herb grinder kept all it’s teeth.
The Acrylic final grind
really works.

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Mini Metal Herb Grinder Review Herb Grinder

Courtesy of the Vapo Shop

The Mini Herb Grinder measures a quaint 3.5cm wide and 2.5cm high making
it one of the easiest weed grinders to pack around. Throw it in your pocket
or purse and away you go. A great addition to any paraphernalia kit. This
mini grinder is made of anodized aluminum making it very hard. You can see
the wonderful machining marks inside with extra points around the outside
edge to assist in the grind. The
Mini Herb grinder teeth
are a diamond shape making the
grinding action very easy to feel. The amount of herb you can chop up is
perfect for a phat joint, a good size pipe bowl or a perfect amount for any
herb vaporizer. The mini marijuana grinder holds together by magnets giving
a great feel to the twisting action, you know it’s working great. A very
inexpensive grinder anyone can own, usually comes free when you
Buy Vaporizers For Sale.

Original Quick Grinder Review

Original Quick Grinder
Courtesy of Azarius Head Shop

The Original Quick Grinder has the unique
ability to push out the finished grind. This grinder measures 2″ in diameter
which holds about 1/2 gram of dry weed. The action is super smooth. The
Original Quick Grinder teeth
are metal spikes. The teeth work fantastically. You’ll know when the grind
is complete by the action beginning to become smoother and smoother. That
action is facilitated by a cool silicone ring placed around the edge of the
bottom section. The placement of this silicone ring is such that the grinder
doesn’t rest on it but rather utilizes it to the side. When you engage the
two sides together you’ll feel the grinder slide into place. There are
buttons on the top and bottom of the grinder. Press these buttons to push
out the ground up dry herb. The
Quick Grinder resulting grind
is superb. We found the grinder is easy to
clean up with simple 99% iso-propyl alcohol which is great for cleaning
almost anything. Be diligent in cleaning, the Quick Grinder will always be
there for you. The Original Quick Grinder sure does live up to it’s name,
quick. After a solid week of everyday grinding this grinder still works like


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