Space Case Grinder Review – America’s Grinder

By | March 29, 2016

Grind Quality: (4 / 5)
Materials:         (5 / 5)
Design:               (5 / 5)
Price:                   (2.5 / 5)



When buying an herb grinder you have to take many factors into consideration.  Price, craftsmanship, and materials are just a few of the characteristics involved in herb grinders.  Space Case Grinders is one of the most popular premium herb grinder brands in the USA and for good reason.  Space Case has built a reputation that you can trust which is why despite being very high price they continue to sell well.

Grind Quality

We have tested the Space Case Grinder and have found that it does produce a fluffy even grind.  However, we will say it was not as fine as some of the other cheaper grinders tested such as the Chromium Crusher and the Black Tie Grinder.  Still we must say that the grind up finished product the Space Case produces will be up to the standard of the vast majority of smokers.


This is where Space Case Grinders excel.  Their materials are superior or equal to any other grinder on the market.  They are the only grinder brand that we have found that has a titanium finish.  Underneath the titanium finish you’ll find high grade aluminum that can withstand punishment and is lightweight.  The lid is magnetized so that it will not fall off when grinding your herb, and trust us you do not want herb all over the place because you got a cheap grinder with a weak magnet.  Another factor in regard to materials and design is that all Space Case Grinders are made and manufactured in the good ole’ USA.  Not only are you getting American made quality, but are supporting American jobs when you go with Space Case.


Space Case Grinders come in two and four piece designs.  They also come in Small (2″ diameter), Medium (2.5″ diameter), and Large (3.5″ diameter).  We like the variety because it allows you to decide how much grinder you need depending on how often you smoke and how much you smoke.  The design of the four piece grinder is fairly standard with a magnetic lid, storage chamber, pollen filter screen, and kief container.  The magnetic lid is ribbed which enhances the grip of the users so that you turn the grinder with ease.  Each piece of the grinder screws and unscrews smoothly due to quality CNC machining so that the pieces do not get stuck or wear out.


Space Case Grinders are a premium product with a premium price.  If buying on Amazon expect to pay somewhere between $50 and $70 for the medium titanium four piece grinder.  At that price it is safe to say that Space Case is not for every toker out there as some may just want a cheap grinder and others will not be able to afford the cost.


Space Case has built its brand on having top quality materials and premium product.  If you have the budget we recommend seriously considering Space Case as your next herb grinder purchase.  We feel that their price is on the high side for what the product offers, but you know what you are getting with Space Case.  Being one of the few grinders made in the USA is an obvious selling point and may be something to consider compared to other grinders that are manufactured in other countries.

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