The Top Cigarette Rolling Machines for 2017

By | May 26, 2016

Whether you prefer to smoke cigarettes, marijuana, or both, having a quality cigarette rolling machine can help you roll tighter smokes and save you money.  According to an article for the International Business Times, cigarettes are $14 a pack in New York state!  With prices like that and a slow economy it is easy to see why some smokers may want to start rolling their own cigarettes.  By having a cigarette rolling machine you will make this process more efficient so you don’t waste your days rolling tobacco.  For marijuana, a cigarette rolling machine can help pack herb tighter than you would be able to with your hands allowing for a better rolled joint.  Below you will find several of the best cigarette rolling machines money can buy based on user reviews, craftsmanship, and materials.

Our Picks for Best Cigarette Rolling Machine

Gambler Tube Cut Cigarette Machine

61N2u9dQ12L._SL1000_First on our best cigarette rolling machine list is the Gambler Tube Cut Cigarette Machine.  This cigarette machine can easily fill both 100mm and king size cigarette tubes.  This cigarette rolling machine also comes with a one-year warranty, which is unlikely to be necessary given the metal components that make up this unit.  A no-slip mat is attached at the bottom so that the machine won’t move when you turn the fill lever.  Many users have commented about how smooth the lever is to use with one mentioning that they can turn it with one finger!  Ready to pack a joint or cigarette in record time with getting a hand cramp?  Well, check out this bad boy as it will likely be right up your alley.


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Powermatic 2 PLUS Electric Cigarette Injector Machine

powermatic2While the name of this cigarette rolling machine is a mouth full it is certainly one of the best machines available today.  If manually turning a lever like seen on the Gambler is too much or may hurt your hands due to a medical condition, then the electrically powered Powermatic Cigarette Injector (sounds kind of dirty right, am I right?) will take the need to pull a lever out of the equation.  The Powermatic Cigarette Machine will make perfectly packed cigarettes in both 100mm and king sizes.  With over 2,800 reviews on Amazon at the time of this writing, you are getting a proven product that smokers have enjoyed for years.

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Top-O-Matic Cigarette Rolling Machine

top o maticAnother high quality manual lever controlled rolling machine is the Top-O-Matic.  As with the other selections on this list the Top-O-Matic Cigarette Machine can fill both 100mm and king size tubes.  Having the second most reviews next to the Powermatic, the Top-O-Matic has built a great reputation through years of providing solid performance.  See the video below for a demonstration of how to use the Top-O-Matic and how it literally only takes a couple minutes to pack a cigarette pack worth of tubes!  With the metal parts of this cigarette injector there’s little doubt that this baby will last.

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RAW 79mm Hemp Plastic Rolling Machine

raw hemp rollerOur last entry is more specifically tailored to rolling joints, but could be used to roll non-filtered cigarettes or to manually place filters in the machine.  The RAW plastic rolling machine is actually made from hemp plastic so you are supporting both hemp growing and hemp smoking!  Now this is a manual roller so do not expect this product to be as easy and efficient to use as the Powermatic 2 or Gambler.  However, if you are looking for a dirt cheap rolling machine then look no further than this little tool.  At around $5 this RAW rolling machine is within anyone’s budget.  The smaller size of this machine makes it a great choice for those who need their roller to be portable and to fit in small spaces.

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Cigarette Rolling Machine Types

There are three main types of cigarette rolling machines: manual rolling, lever packing, and electronic.  Manual rollers are the cheapest rolling machines that you can get.  Usually these rolling machines are made of plastic and require you to manually place both the unwrapped paper and filter into the rolling compartment.  Lever packing are a step up from manual rollers and have a lever mechanism that allow you to pack the cigarette with a simple pull of your hand.  These do a much better job at packing and are much more efficient than the manual rollers.  Lastly, the top of the line electronic cigarette rolling machines are the easiest and most efficient cigarette rolling machines that smokers can use in their home.  Just plug it in and push the button for the machine to pack the paper.  Rinse and repeat as much as your little heart desires.

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