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Weed Grinder Cutting Blades

Weed Grinder close ups of the grinder cutting blades. Manufacturers have different teeth patterns made of different materials. We will try to illustrate the new technology as it’s born.

This Aluminum 3 Piece Grinder sports a unique blade design. The teeth are spaced out a little more than usual allowing for a fast even chop. Consistency is the name of the game for this engineering.

Check out the titanium teeth found on this Space Case Grinder photograph. You can see the pattern of the from the center is a triangle and fans out to a circle. The pattern works fantastic. The teeth take a pounding and keep on grinding consistently. Check out the crisp corners on the magnified tooth. Titanium rules the grinder world today.

Below we have a photograph of the teeth of a 6cm. diameter Zeus Swing Arm Grinder. Aircraft quality anodized aluminum provide a very sharp edge for a very long time.

The photograph below is a close up photograph of the teeth in the Mega Leaf grinder. This was about two grams of good dried weed in it. The teeth have a good depth with a nice diamond pattern. The grind leaves no big chunks unless you have wet weed. The mulch is great for smoking in marijuana pipes. The teeth do a fantastic job. It is very strong yet easy to twist. The more you twist, the finer the mulch. That’s how to grind weed. No need for scissors or getting your hands sticky. This is a well thought out revolutionary herb
grinder design.

The next 2 photographs are of heavy duty acrylic cutting blades from a grinder donated from the Vapor Store. These cutting blades, as you can see, are more pointed with a noticeable slope. The design is specific to solidify the teeth from breaking during constant usage.

The following photograph shows a close up shot of the teeth of the 3.5cm diameter Mini Herb Grinder. Expert machining makes these teeth hold their shape for a super long time. The unique diamond shape gives a smooth feel to the twisting action.

The next photograph is of the Med+ainer marijuana grinder showing a close up of the unique tooth design. This particular engineering gives you a medium to fine mulch, very good for pipes and vaporizers.

The following photograph is a close up the Original Quick Grinder. The grinder teeth utilize metal posts for grinding. It produces a fantastic grind. Perfect for joints and vaporizers. The pushbutton release is quick.

Marijuana Grinder Photographs

Click your favorite picture for an enlargement and details. No more
sticky fingers and gummed up scissors. Absolutely the best product!

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